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The prevailing tint among the women of the valley was a light olive, and of this style of complexion Fayaway afforded the most beautiful example.
He adds, that 'in complexion they were nearly white; of good stature, and finely formed; and on their faces and bodies were delineated representations of fishes and other devices'.
Not one atom of evidence had been produced to show that it was the wife who had secretly used the arsenic, and used it for her complexion.
She was about six and twenty, rather tall and very slender, her hair was neither chestnut nor auburn, but a most decided bright, light red; her complexion was remarkably fair and brilliant, her head small, neck long, chin well turned, but very short, lips thin and red, eyes clear hazel, quick, and penetrating, but entirely destitute of poetry or feeling.
Her complexion was exquisitely fair, but the noble cast of her head and features prevented the insipidity which sometimes attaches to fair beauties.
ADD SOME ORANGE ZEST EVEN warm and olive complexions can be prone to greyish patches or dark circles, particularly when you're tired or overworked, but a dash of orange under your base can make all the difference.
Many processed foods starve skin of water and leave our complexions looking tired and dull.
After three seasons with Complexions Contemporary Ballet, her first full-time dance job, she was ready for a new challenge: joining the circus.
Blue-based reds tend to complement English rose complexions while coral shades suit skins with a warmer tone.
With daily use, dull and blemished complexions are expected to recover their natural radiance.
com)-- Complexions Spa for Beauty & Wellness, located in Albany, NY, is modernizing their traditional massage therapy with the addition of a micro quartz heated massage table.