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While an IBM white paper admitted there are no conclusive definitions to complexity in IT, the company research said complexity of IT systems 'has business consequences.
According to report findings, financial institutions with high or moderate "technology management complexity" -- the degree to which management is challenged to make coordinated, interdependent technology decisions -- plan to improve the utilization of 21 applications in 2015, significantly higher than the eight to nine apps financial institutions with low technology management complexity plan to improve.
The purpose of this paper is to theoretically analyse complexity of engineering systems and its relationship with complex projects, and to propose potential ideas for the future research.
This chair, of which Orange is the first partner, aims to understand the complexity of management that characterizes all aspects of our natural, economic, social and political environments through lessons, original research and activities to inform the public debate.
Managing complexity is becoming a more urgent concern for many companies because the complexity of projects and management systems appears to be increasing.
It also demonstrates that geographical diversity is just one of many drivers of complexity and addressing this in isolation will do little to attack the overall problem of complexity in this industry.
MUSCAT: Over 90 per cent of senior executives across 22 countries say their organisation's success depends on managing today's complex business issues, primarily the regulatory landscape and information management, but less than half believe the actions they are taking to manage complexity have been very effective, says a new study from KPMG International.
This complexity impacts all aspects of the firm's value chain: the sales force is burdened; marketing's messages are diluted; production struggles with capacity constraints and high changeover rates; and supply chain is shackled by reduced economies of scale and buyer power, increased (and often slow-moving) inventories, and encumbered logistics.
Based on work in the Netherlands, patient complexity is defined here as interference with standard care and decision-making by symptom severity or impairments, diagnostic uncertainty, difficulty engaging care, lack of social safety or participation, disorganization of care, and difficult patient-clinician relationships.
The way in which the community's data-processing agents handle information is one of the community's key cultural attributes, and different communities have evolved different strategies for handling the complexity of the information they deal with.
Drawn from those presented at the January 2002 seminar, these 14 papers describe the sources of complexity in science and information, the resulting organizational implications as well as global and ethical implications, and complexity's philosophical, epistemological and methodological foundations.