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I was not the only one to experience ecstatic exuberance and all-encompassing heart-opening desire at the women's dances; to feel again, as I had at earlier times, but never this strongly, swept up in a river of sheer beauty--sexy, powerful, gorgeous, clit-distending, nipple-raising, lip-swelling, hair-shaking, spit-flowing, cunt-glowing, eye-flashing, hip-rotating, knee twisting, thigh pumping, pheromone coursing, fingers expressing, sultry spicy sweat smelling, complexly exhilarating female potentiality.
The aim of this article is to demonstrate the use of this method during the individual production of a specific product with a small volume to produce a complexly shaped product
This is not a two-dimensional caricature of an unhappy family; these people are painfully historied and complexly pictured and Small is a powerful teller of their stories.
The painting itself is complexly composed, beautifully painted, and riveting to explore.
If your sky is dark enough, you will see the glowing band, complexly indented and frayed with dark, dusty gas that is the bright section of the summer Milky Way.
In the natural world, there are numerous ecosystems, and each species, including humans, plays a role in the complexly interconnected web of ecosystem life.
Larry Silverstein, the private developer who is planning to build three office towers on the site, pointed out that two of those three buildings, World Trade Center Towers 2 and 3, have foundations that complexly interweave with the substructure for the WTC Transportation Hub.
2% ABV), a deeply golden and complexly flavoured ale which richly deserved its silver award in the Best Bitters category.
This complexly nuanced exploration of the shifting dynamics of power and perspective not only provides the book with its title, but also its major strength.
The critical prose goes limp, becomes opaque: 'The individual and complexly human is present in That They May Face the Rising Sun, but the novel places this within a group, and, indeed, a nonhuman context' (p.
This creates a very different dynamic and a far less complexly layered film, with a more heroic, less conflicted main subjectcharacter.
Stephenson forwarded a selection of complexly twinned rutile crystals from Graves Mountain to Professor Charles Upham Shepard of Yale University for identification.