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Gone were the complexly introspective dissections of the industry's problems.
But you can't do that with a company that is knitted together complexly.
The vascular channels form between tightly packed groups of aggressive cells, and basic tissue processes, such as perfusion, can continue to operate within the tumor even though more complexly orchestrated processes are shut off by drugs or by the tumor itself as it grows," explains Andrew J.
Benefited in no small part by the wonderful translation of Peter Filkins, Leonardo's Hands is a simply told, complexly provocative work that exploits the madness and secrecy of the human psyche.
All these writers have followed her advice, with results that are variously, complexly, and memorably savory.
PowerMILL, Delcam's software for automated toolpath generation and gouge-free machining of molds and other complexly surfaced tools, is also coming into dally use.
The 8th ASM Metals Handbook identified six typical application areas: removal of tightly adhering or embedded particles from solid surfaces; removal of fine particles from powder metallurgy parts; cleaning of small precision parts; cleaning parts made of precious metals; precision cleaning of complexly configured parts; and parts cleaning for hermetically sealed units.
The idea for the sculpture--a complexly woven visual record of high school life--emerged from my work as a maskmaker; however, the imagery of the totem pole belongs solely and uniquely to the students who created it.
Starlight enables users to visually manage, understand, and derive new knowledge from massive quantities of heterogeneous and complexly related information.
Deftly crafted characters embedded in a complexly scripted novel, "Fishtown" is relentlessly engaging and inherently fascinating read from beginning to end and very highly recommended for community library collections.
Critique: A compelling and complexly woven novel, "The Hired Man" documents author Aminatta Forna as a major literary talent.
A complexly woven story populated with memorable and remarkable characters, "The Equation" is a solid entertainment from first page to last and will leave immensely satisfied readers looking eagerly toward Judith Hill next literary effort.