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Addressing the opening ceremony, President of the Diplomacy Academy of Vietnam, Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, said the East Sea issue developed more complicatedly in 2014 than in previous decades.
The idea of a Scotland ethnically divided between Celt and Teuton, or more complicatedly, Celt, Pict (or Picto-German) and Teuton, still has an afterlife in internal and external perceptions of the country.
In other words--because social capital is defined not simply as the size of social connections but more complicatedly as a combination of personal networks and, especially, personal trust--we need to pay attention to the effects of SNS use on interpersonal communication that actually creates personal trust as well expanding personal networks.
Of course the journey towards a peaceful working relationship between the two countries is not only tiresome but is lengthy and complicatedly libertine.
This is also the case for the many artists and writers undertaking this work in this period who return to the scene of Charcot's late nineteenth-century work with hysterical patients and to the complicatedly staged photographic "evidence" of hysteria in the images of the Nouvelle Iconographie de la Salpetriere (1889), images that work to fix, literally, the definition of hysteria in the visual classification of symptoms.
Different dormant levels could be determined by varied seed endogenous inhibitors, which usually affect seed dormancy by complicatedly interacting with each other (McCrate et al.
Each painting by Greenwold is complexly complicated-or perhaps, one could say, complicatedly complex.
Complicatedly retrieval of more detailed information from the customer and implement change control.
Frohreich examines the recent vampire dramatisations of Blade (1998) and Underworld (2003) (in film), and True Blood (2008-) (as TV adaptation of Charlaine Harris's novels) to show how the vampire as racial other has both endured and yet been radically transformed to articulate contemporary positions towards race--sometimes more progressively, often complicatedly and with ambiguity.
Finally, and more complicatedly, the Communist Party will have to get used to a far more vocal and active population, as people express their concerns and anger.
Complicatedly, however, Ziiek does not always analyse phenomena in this way: in his interpretation of the Paris riots, for example, he seems to reverse his own objection and, eschewing socio-economic explanations of the riots, opts for an answer superficially closer to "pseudopsycho-analysiC than anything else:
They seemed to be complicatedly trying to quantify it in a manner that might be appropriate for some timing nuance in a classical, fully notated work, but took no account at all of the "feel" of jazz.