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Thus, as far as performance goes, the authors suggest that in order to properly react to a complex world and avoid complicatedness, people behavior and performance need to be interpreted and intervened upon in relation with organization behavior.
It didn't seem to matter that her own story of schooling was fraught with complicatedness and her inability to assimilate with her racial peers.
However, we must avoid the orthogonal complicatedness slope, which would take us up and to the left.
These girls, for whom I do not intend derogatory inferences but rather a gender and age differentiation, are expressing the complicatedness of their condition--one which they are telling the medical profession is not just about eating.
This cost consists of a detection cost representing the 'goodness' of the cluster and a travel cost representing the complicatedness to find the cluster.
The poem significantly depicts the second prism, inextricable from Achebe's more ethnographic handling of the subject, through which to extend not merely the elemental complicatedness of the notion of good and evil but our discussion of Sula as ogbanje-abiku figure.
I think this shows up the complicatedness of modern government and the difficulties of getting everything right all the time," Ms Quin added.
Like the legal complicatedness of consent, pain, pleasure, and intentionality in Twyman, the unimaginable involvedness of the law surrounding domestic abuse and rape amidst the ever-widening commercial availability of Viagra pills and their knock-offs begs "for serious feminist consideration," (21) an iteration of first departure from Halley.
The results of this explorative study support the notion that the working of psi in a system does not depend on the character or complicatedness of its construction, nor on its physico-chemical properties (Lucadou, 1989; Schmidt & Pantas, 1972), but rather on the presence of "intentional" processes in the "observer"--e.
The Basic Seven Groups of Terms of Systems/Systemic/Holistic versus Non-systemic Thinking Systems/Systemic/Holistic Unsystemic, Traditional Thinking Thinking Interdependence/s, Relation/s, Independence, One-way- Openness, Interconnectedness Dependence, Closeness Complexity (plus Simplicity, or Complicatedness complicatedness) Attractor/s No influential force/s, but isolation Emergence No process of making new attributes Synergy, System, Synthesis No new attributes resulting from relations between elements Whole, holism, big picture Parts and partial attributes only Networking, Interaction, No mutual influences Interplay
If these works are highly complex and, for some, unreadable, it is not on ly because of the complicatedness of life, the subject, but also because they actually imitate its rhythm, its way of happening" (Impossible 253).