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Underlying my entire research process has been a deep experiential understanding of exactly that messiness and complicatedness Moss describes, the most pertinent example being my decision to omit the India portion of the dissertation or engage in transnational feminist research within an era of globalization.
However the method of negotiations that Hizbullah used with success in the issue of the prisoners can be successful in the case of Shebaa farms, despite its complicatedness.
Due to the degree of complicatedness of the detailed general coordinate transformations in [U.
The complicatedness of these issues might well suggest, for some readers at least, that the disjunction between the Judaic legacy emphasized by Werner, Botstein, and Steinberg and the contemporary Christian perspective emphasized by Sposato is more nuanced than this book acknowledges.
However, we must avoid the orthogonal complicatedness slope, which would take us up and to the left.