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She fancied, however, that her request had been complied with, and that the pen she could not have held was in her hand.
Data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by the charity Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA) found 654 instances of patient safety alerts not complied with.
The Los Angeles Police Department has complied with about 70 percent of the 152 provisions outlined in the 80-page consent decree.
This serves as proof that the business has complied with the law.
A federal prisoner sued the director of the federal Bureau of Prisons seeking a preliminary injunction to bar the termination of the "boot camp" shock incarceration program until the Bureau complied with administrative regulations, and asking to be considered for inclusion in the program.
Although conceding that it did not comply "exactly" with the Code in making the election, NGS contended that it "substantially complied with those provisions.
Agencies to report in the audits of their financial statements whether they have complied with the uniform accounting standards.
Second, the same results are then presented for the firms categorized by whether they complied with the UNICAP rules.
NASDAQ:NTOL), a leading manufacturer and distributor of nationally branded nutritional products, today announced the receipt of a Nasdaq Staff Deficiency Letter on May 2, 2006 indicating that the Company no longer complied with Nasdaq's independent director and audit committee requirements set forth in Marketplace Rules 4350(c) and 4350(d)(2) due to the resignation of Ronald J.
District Court Judge Gary Feess is expected to determine by June 15, 2006, if the LAPD has complied with the consent decree substantially enough so that it can be lifted.
Unfortunately however, it is common knowledge that many facilities have not yet complied with the guidelines.
Ideally, taxpayers should have engaged professionals to perform a transfer pricing study and had documentation in place by that date to support the fact that prices complied with one of the pricing methods specified in the regulations.