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Results of the nine VES and IP soundings were used complimentarily to arrive at the lithological description inferred in this work.
The two leaders further emphasized the importance of strengthening the strategic energy partnership based on complimentarily and interdependence, as outlined in the Delhi Declaration, including meeting India's increasing requirement of crude oil supplies, and identifying and implementing specific projects for cooperation including in the areas of new and renewable energy.
Moreover, as an individual's work lies within the broader framework of organizational activities, the acceptance of the second hypothesis further corroborates the theoretical presumption that an individual's attachment to his/her workplace as reflected by his/her level of affective commitment will complimentarily influence the degree to which he/she is involved in his/her job.
The workshop was aimed to reduce possible conflict on implementation of similar programmes by the development partners and GOSS, and instead work complimentarily.
Both languages have been able to interweave complimentarily through her works.
By this eternity, I mean unity and complimentarily of our world.
66) His personal manner might be perceived as uncouth, crass, and generally awkward, nevertheless we are invited now to picture Huck Finn, the Penman, scrupulously and reservedly as well as respectfully and complimentarily composing an extended epistolary address (illustrated in the first American edition with a selvage image of the protagonist bowing exceedingly decorously to the audience).
Hezbollah is a national resistance that is working complimentarily with the Lebanese Army because without Hezbollah Israel can go wherever they want, just like they did during the 1982 (invasion) of Beirut.
I would describe him differently and not complimentarily.