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It can be interpreted as capturing the various levels of spatial interaction and location complimentarily of places and overall development, as reflected by provision of basic goods and services largely by the public sector, indicated by Mahmood, [2].
Complimentarily, the statistical results from t-Student test indicate the rejection of the null hypothesis.
8) In these operations come into play, basically, the sense of hearing and that of vision in an unstable relationship, sometimes in a complimentarily relation, if not of open opposition.
It does, however, seem to suggest that those judges see INLOGOV as already, and perhaps increasingly, prominent in the local government world: "a spiritual home for many chief executives", they suggested - complimentarily, we think.
The existing administrative system worked mostly complimentarily with KURA to support the research faculty.
They ensured greater complimentarily and synergy for the issues relating to transfer of technologies to the stakeholders and end-users and advise on measures to enhance its effectiveness.
This paper evaluated the three most comprehensive cases for an EU-Malaysia FTA: complimentarily with the economic strategies of each party, facilitating EU-ASEAN integration as a counterweight to China, and using the FTA as a tool for social change.
Writing thirty years after Judge Friendly discussed the Code, a commentator used somewhat different, but no more complimentarily, language: "The plain meaning rule is not helpful because there is so rarely a plain meaning in tax cases.
An Arab roadmap has also been presented by experts of the host country to reinforce regional complimentarily and to refresh investment and employment opportunities on this.
Those services--which are grounded in the GPS and real-time reporting capabilities provided by telematics--may be offered complimentarily to build brand loyalty or may even serve as an ancillary source of revenue.
Krishnan, Miller, and Judge (1997) reached similar results, noting that the degree of complimentarily between top management of the acquirer and target firm increases post-acquisition performance.
Hayes (2004) emphasized the emerging complimentarily of third wave with less 'scientific' orientations, pointing out that 'what is resulting is recognizably part of the behavioral and cognitive therapy tradition, but is nevertheless linked to the issues and concerns of other traditions, including some of those (analytic, Gestalt, humanistic, existential) that were turned away from in the earliest days of behavior therapy' (2004; p660).