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Synthesizing the ideas of high-performance HRM, positive psychological capital and componential theory of creativity, the present study develops a conceptual framework linking HRM practices, positive psychological capital and employee creativity.
Nida, Eugene Albert (1975) Componential analysis of meaning: an introduction to semantic structures.
The conceptualisation that is the focus of this article is illustrated in Figure 1 as a conceptual model interpreting the componential structure of researcher development.
Development of componential architecture of embedded decision support system (DSS) that can assist in abnormal situations, by integrating an interface reaction and control according to abnormal situation evaluation which can cause the accidental events in the transportation processes of dangerous goods.
In this paper hybrid face recognition technique is proposed combining both componential cues (such as eyes, mouth and nose) and holistic information.
If they all elicit kin terms, hopefully in a non-leading manner, they will all be able to develop a componential model of a kinship system that is more or less the same in all cases.
In this study, the electrical componential impedance of three meridians was evaluated and the values were compared with their neighbouring non-meridian impedances in the frequency range of 2 hz to 2000 Hz.
The latter of these types is referred to as componential, since it spans two layers of spectral information (red and near infrared) as opposed to a single composite NDVI layer.
Amabile's componential framework of creativity served as a basis for the investigation into the three levels of the narrative (form, content and context).

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