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Compose provides IBM with an enhanced framework to deliver highly sought after, production ready, cloud database services for developers.
Then the user selects from the app's five different music genres and three types of melodic settings, and finally presses the Auto Compose button to create an original piece of music complete with an intro and ending.
COMPOSE, managed by PMW 160's Future Enterprise Networking Division, fulfills the fleet's requirement for a common, standardized client/server operating system.
Constitute, in the sense of form or make up, may be the best word if neither compose nor comprise seems to fit: Fifty states constitute the United States.
Compose a letter to him or her explaining your feelings.
What does it mean to compose with assistance from a machine?
Like Edward Elgar and others, he learned to compose and orchestrate by playing several instruments and by experimenting with the combinations of sounds and colors available to him.
People compose not only for others to read but to formulate, organize, and express their own developing thoughts.
Chishti started to compose the music of three films at a time that were Sachchai, Mundri and Pherey.
He went on to compose music for over 60 films in Pakistan and was regarded one of the most successful film composers in the 60s & 70s.
What inspired you to compose the MTNA award-winning "Walimai"?