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Asia is said to presently account for over 25% of the global polymer composites market, and the potential for further growth is said to be large, especially in countries such as China and India.
An integral function for most composite parts is the bonding of inner and outer parts and/or reinforcements.
For wood composites and kiln drying of other products, the drying process accounts for approximately 50%-80% of total manufacturing energy consumption.
Another area for growth, he said, is copper alloy-graphite composites to replace lead in potable water applications.
Structural composites are typically made up of high-strength fibers embedded within a polymer matrix, says Scott R.
We propose to identify novel building blocks using techniques from nano-technology stuck together with chemistries identified from biotechnology to make composite materials.
Just as a mother's and father's genes determine their child's features, FacePrints' computer codes -- mathematical expressions defining the eyes, hair, chin, nose and mouth -- merge to create new composite renderings of a face.
These obstacles have been overcome in a ceramic-particle-reinforced aluminum composite.
Of course, fiber is used in the composite to reinforce the rubber and raise the modulus; lowering the modulus to a very great degree would improve endurance at the expense of the original purpose of the reinforcement.