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Compositeness forges narrative assemblage out of a seemingly desultory dispersion of plot and characterisation.
The modernist's objections to Hefti's implicit rejection of materialism herein are at least twofold: first, by declining to deconstruct these gestures he banishes them from the material discourse and thus renders them permanently inexpressive of anything but their extramusical connotation; and second, by (perhaps unwittingly) subsuming these gestures into a sound-world in which the compositeness of performance parameters remains unquestioned, and thus embracing the model of the "virtuosic" performer who has domesticated his metier, the possible revolutionary import of these materials is rendered trivial and harmless.
Listunova ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 2003: 36) points out their most frequent features, such as compositeness (multiword expressions and even single words can be treated as idioms), institutionalization (conventionalized expressions), and semantic opacity (the meaning of an idiom should not be understood as the literal meaning of its components).
Nucleon compositeness is considered by appropriate parameterization of the nucleon weak transition current and electromagnetic form factors.