compositional skill

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Schickele has been delighting audiences for years with works of charm, wit and good-natured humor, products of a lively imagination and strong musicological background paired with a finely honed compositional skill.
The show has much that is simply beautiful, both for what it observes and for the instinctual eye and compositional skill of the photographer in making us realize beauty.
At times one wishes Politzer would build mor e of a robust groove, but there is no questioning her harmonic inventiveness or compositional skill, nor her considerable instrumental chops.
Thus, perhaps her most interesting chapter, on Storace's borrowings, addresses an important compositional technique of eighteenth-century opera composers, but seems principally motivated by a need to emphasize that Storace's "individuality" is shown by his having "invested far more compositional skill in his operas than can ever be conveyed by calling them 'pastiches'" (p.
Through 1926, reviews by supporters of the modernist camp praised Roslavets's compositional skill and pronounced him the most interesting innovator among his contemporary Russian peers.
His 1905 Serenade in F for nine instruments thoroughly proved the point about his compositional skills.
This year's opened with Salome--as the accent suggests, not Richard Strauss's German setting of Oscar Wilde's French-language essay in perfumed artifice, but one by an actual Frenchman, Antoine Mariotte, who as a 20-year-old naval officer in 1895 was seduced by Wilde's play and vowed to set it to music, even though his compositional skills weren't yet up to the task.
But mainly it is a tour de force of Neset's extraordinary saxophone skills and his quickly developing compositional skills which reveal the influence of his teacher.
The middle school music educator at the school provided basic rhythmic notational instruction to students and background information about composers prior to the integration of the CiPS program and focused daily music classes on compositional skills addressed by the composer.
Once again, the compositional skills of the artist are loud and clear, as the simple figures and sectioned areas of color balance each other perfectly.
On the follow-up, violins accompany acoustic guitars and drum beats, while his simple lyrics lie softly on top, with Devonte's compositional skills clear for all to hear.
PAUL LIDDELL Brighter Lights Spotted on his recent whistlestop London gig, Sunderland based singer songwriter Liddell has highly defined vocal and compositional skills and a feel for upbeat underdog blues.