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Light micrographs of the compound eyes of the 3 Bactrocera species.
In view of Wu's body of work and his rising international reputation, I discuss what accounts for the international attention to The Man with the Compound Eyes, a novel that could be briefly summarized as the cross-culture alliance of a displaced intellectual woman and an Indigenous boy with deep feelings of belonging and affinity to the biosphere.
The evidence from both extant and extinct species gives a plausible series of steps for the evolution of camera-type and compound eyes.
Explain that looking through compound eyes is something like looking at a display wall of televisions at an appliance store when they are all tuned to the same station.
The new gene, named eyeless, turned out to be more than just a cog in the genetic machinery that makes a compound eye.
Gena with a broad transverse fascia between antenna and compound eye.
The Fly's Eye detector consists of a collection of mirrors and photomultiplier tubes packed together to look like a fly's compound eye.
Gena with a transverse fascia between postclypeus and compound eye, of which inner end touching postclypeus but outer end not touching compound eye.
The arm's surface serves as a "sensitive skin," a veritable compound eye that enables it to sense objects in its surroundings.
Beginning at the back of the bee's compound eye and continuing around to the front, these specialized photoreceptors in each tube are arranged in a pattern that matches the direction of polarized sunlight.
Prototypes of drones were also featured at the Summit, including autonomous, pocket-size, bio-inspired drones with self-deploying arms and insect-inspired drones with compound eyes.
Surrealism always had one of its misshapen, compound eyes on the future, as if by reading the runes of the unconscious mind and making them manifest in art, the course of things to come could be brought into view.