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COMPOUNDER, in Louisiana. He who makes a composition. An amicable compounder is one who has undertaken by the agreement of the parties to compound or settle differences. between them. Code of Pract. of Lo. art. 444.

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The final expo debate on the afternoon of June 28, will focus on polyolefins, and will feature senior representatives from leading compounders of polypropylene.
In this article, well introduce some of the key concepts of material compounding and describe the roles of material compounders in successful plastics programs.
In a January letter, the FDA encouraged hospitals and other health care facility purchasers to use compounders registered as outsourcing facilities.
Since January 1, the FDA has inspected nearly 50 compounders and issued more than two dozen 483 inspection reports.
During the 2009 downturn compounders were more interested in minimising credit risk than seeking to preserve volumes or gain market share.
Compounded drugs are made in bulk now, too, and some hospitals contract with compounders to save the cost of mixing their own compounds.
Compared to the more traditional pharmaceutical twin-screw compounders with throughputs of from 1 to 10 kilograms per hour, required amounts are reduced for continuous production process by 1/10th to 1/100th.
Before Hawkins can act, Savin' Dave's team, the Compounders, rush in.
Compounders are offered a choice of controls platform, though Allen-Bradley is the standard.
Engage XLT provides a variety of benefits to compounders, moulders, vehicle manufacturers and consumers.
Silicone additives for thermoplastic compounders are offered by this company.