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Marilla in the kitchen below, compounding blue plum preserve, heard it and smiled; then sighed to think how seldom that dear laugh would echo through Green Gables in the years to come.
I find, indeed, I have indeed a faculty of imagining, or representing to myself, the ideas of those particular things I have perceived, and of variously compounding and dividing them.
Some were fond of compounding this variety, and having it all on their plates at once.
Ben Allen being accommodated with a funnel with a cork in the narrow end, and Bob Sawyer contented himself with one of those wide-lipped crystal vessels inscribed with a variety of cabalistic characters, in which chemists are wont to measure out their liquid drugs in compounding prescriptions.
In this section, we will discuss how the capillary rheometer has been used to solve rubber compounding processing problems and aid the compounder in developing better compounds.
Because of what's known as the "eighth wonder of the world -- compounding.
Allen, a world-renowned expert on drug compounding, delivered a lecture at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences on Wednesday, November 15.
Dick, Chapter 2, Rubber Technology, Compounding and Testing for Performance, Hanser, 2001.
A novel development in precoloring of TPEs is claimed to be more cost-effective than conventional compounding.
The warning letter states that Pulmo-Dose's compounding of formulations of budesonide, albuterol/ipratropium, and formoterol/budesonide exceeds the scope of the practice of pharmacy and that Pulmo-Dose is operating as a pharmaceutical manufacturer and not a pharmacy engaged in extemporaneous compounding.
Of course, there are compounding techniques that have been used to improve extrusion outputs.
General-purpose compounding markets continue to be plagued with overcapacity, but there area still niche areas of growth to be exploited.