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The chances are good that the message will be comprehended thoroughly by about 670,000 of those readers, two-thirds of them.
Finally, the characters and focalisers are the agents most clearly comprehended by the spectator.
Such shots are comprehended by the employment of the eyeline match: we see what the character sees, when s/he sees it, but not from his/her exact spatial position;
For Bordwell, a number of perceptual cues in a shot can be comprehended as subjective movement.
6] Cues comprehended as camera movement "install the viewer as a subject moving through a fictive scenographic layout.
Comprehension of camera movement is predominately determined by cues in the film--in other words, is predominately comprehended in bottom-up fashion, whereas other aspects of a shot (if it is internally or externally focalised, for example) rely much more strongly upon top-down competence.
The 20 learning-disabled students who comprehended false belief displayed the word knowledge of 6 1/2-year-olds.
Besides comprehending cell delay and wire delay, which logic and physical synthesis tools did, now with interconnect synthesis shapes and switching of neighboring wires are comprehended.
It is clear that the court understood that this was an experienced, sophisticated investor who comprehended the risks he was taking," said James E.