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230) Offloading peripheral claims also promotes the related goal of coherence, making doctrine more readily comprehendible as a set of interrelated and consistent commands.
There were apparently only two modes of engaging with Nature, in Maimonides' view: First, in order to allow for the work of the prophets, God had to make room for miracles in Nature, but these singular events are "effected according to the fixed laws of Nature" and are therefore not idiosyncratic; as such, they are comprehendible.
Thus, the cause of cell death in any injured system is now simple, comprehendible, and potentially applicable across a wide variety of specific types of injury applied to specific cell types.
Research in this field (see Gorsuch, 2001) has uncovered a host of communicative approaches, which have prioritised the ways in which English pronunciation, grammar, spelling and vocabulary have been rendered comprehendible and learnable to the Japanese subject.
20,34] Furthermore, adult users of HIV self-tests have found them easy to use, the instructions comprehendible,'351 and that they have a high level of accuracy (99.
The stories of resisters that comprise "Beyond Courage: The Untold Story of Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust" are boldly yet appropriately penned, highly comprehendible for middle school readers and well illustrated with more than 200 photos, maps and other visual aids.
Adjectives and other modifying words function much like korzybskian indices while making the sentences more eloquent and easily comprehendible than sentences that contain subscripted indices.
All the items were reported as clear and comprehendible.
The students think that the writing of the individuals who have acquired the ability of writing well should possess the following characteristics; easy and comprehendible, coherent with topic, interesting and consisting of original sentences, informative, conformable to the writing rules, far from a citation, intriguing, appropriately spelled and punctuated, up to date, funny and entertaining, illustrated and decorated.
Some aren't transparent, some are not comprehendible.
The Amazigh of North Africa represent a more logical and comprehendible prototype.
Fast Facts: Epilepsy is a quick, go-to, desk reference for the healthcare professional treating the adult or pediatric population The layout of the book is precise, and the content is easily comprehendible.