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Intelligibility, comprehensibility, and accentedness of L2 speech: The role of listener experience and semantic context.
Finally, speech acts were assessed in terms of comprehensibility by using the Flesch-Kincaid readability test (Flesch, 1948; Kincaid, Fishburne, Rogers & Chissom, 1975).
Comprehensibility and Content, supra note 226, at 66 (analyzing studies showing that younger children (those between ages eleven and fifteen) were more likely to waive than older children); see also id.
Implications for Nursing Education The results of this study suggest that linguistic modification does result in increased comprehensibility of nursing course test items for ESL nursing students.
Breslow & Aha (1997) survey methods of tree simplification to improve their comprehensibility.
The components of this measure are comprehensibility, manageability and meaningfulness and the scale has been shown to be reliable (Cronbach's Alpha 0.
To assess the comprehensibility of these messages, the interviewer asked: "Tell me in your own words what messages you understood from this page.
I may be a simple man of simple mind, but is it too much to ask that a modicum of comprehensibility be reinstated in the academic discourse?
In other words, it should meet Krashen's i+l (input + 1) standard for comprehensibility.
For them, what is at stake in Dickinson's religious poems is not God's existence, but God's accessibility, responsiveness, accountability, comprehensibility, and concern for the human condition.
Despite extensive literature on the comprehensibility of educational materials for topics such as nutrition, smoking cessation, and cancer treatment, there is little published research on the comprehensibility of materials used for workplace hazard communication.
1976), From Knowledge to Wisdom (1984), The Comprehensibility of the Universe (1998), and The Human World and the Physical Universe (2001).