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In a declaration released at the end of their two-day summit, the leaders said, "We aspire to achieve a seamlessly and comprehensively connected and integrated Asia-Pacific.
If the City Council is sincere about comprehensively taking on gangs, that is a welcome development.
An impressively collaborative work by Ulrich Marzolph (Professor of Islamic Studies, Georg-August University, Gottingen, Germany) and Richard van Leeuwen (Associate Professor, Department of Religious Studies, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands) this two-volume edition of The Arabian Nights Encyclopedia is a comprehensively detailed compilation providing students with authoritative and up-to-date research on the diverse stories historically comprising the Islamic classic collection of myth, legend, and folklore known to western readers as "The Arabian Nights".
Since auditors now must report comprehensively on the effectiveness of management's internal control over financial reporting on an annual basis, cycle rotation is no longer acceptable in public company audits.
The ISSEP complements the CISSP by comprehensively addressing the systems engineering side of information security.
The article by Kuipers and Quinn provides a paradigm for comprehensively evaluating community rehabilitation services.
Perry is slated to soon compile a report that comprehensively reviews Washington's approach to Pyongyang.
By making it easier, we would maximize the chance that the stories would be written comprehensively, accurately, with our viewpoint expressed.
The Crown Jewels is the only proper way to comprehensively present such sonic pageantry.
Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy is a comprehensively revised and augmented text, based on Professor Sheldon's previous book, Behaviour Modification, but thoroughly expanded and updated to take into account recent developments in social work effectiveness research, psychotherapy, and clinical psychology, as well as the large-scale changes in the organization of social services.
Summary: Andy Murray has admitted he was comprehensively beaten after exiting the US Open at the fourth-round stage.

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