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He could have fancied that the old watchmaker was compressed into this baby shape, and looking out of those baby eyes, and repeating, as he now did, the malicious question: "The beautiful, Owen
With a wavering movement, and emitting a tremulous radiance, the butterfly struggled, as it were, towards the infant, and was about to alight upon his finger; but while it still hovered in the air, the little child of strength, with his grandsire's sharp and shrewd expression in his face, made a snatch at the marvellous insect and compressed it in his hand.
She proffered that advice in a most matter-of-fact tone as if it were a precaution against a cold, compressed her lips, then returning to her fixed idea, "But the house is mine," she insisted very quietly with an accent which made me feel that Satan himself would never manage to tear it out of her hands.
The teeth of the squatter were compressed, and his huge hand grasped the rifle, as if it would crush the metal.
Indiana Growth Prompts Company to Expand Compressed Air Products/Services -
A process for stabilizing a product from a pledget, comprising the steps of: providing a pledget into a compression mold; compressing said pledget in said compression mold to form a compressed pledget; unloading said compressed pledget from said compression mold and loading said compressed pledget into a stabilization mold by a transfer member, whereby said transfer member advances to a loading position; retracting said transfer member to a stabilizing position; stabilizing said compressed pledget in said stabilization mold to form a stabilized product, wherein said transfer member remains in said stabilizing position during at least a portion of the step of stabilizing said compressed pledget; and unloading said stabilized product from said stabilization mold.
The code highlighted water as being the major and most problematic contaminant found in compressed air.
The TIFF images were then compressed using GeoJP2 software into JP2 files with 10:1 compression ratio for online access.
Using the standard test method, samples are compressed at room temperature, placed in a hot air oven for a specified period, and then removed immediately from the fixture and allowed to cool in an uncompressed state on a thermally nonconductive surface to room temperature.
The goal of the test was to maintain performance while eliminating compressed air consumption and substantially reducing the horsepower associated with operating the system.
The buses run on compressed natural gas, an alternate fuel expected to help clean Santa Clarita's air.
The firm's compressed air applications require between 200-400 standard [ft.