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uk could lead many more people over coming years to buy compressed air products from "Hertz Kompressoren" after finding the firm's UK website at www.
The product range consists of marine screw compressors, air dryers and filters for any demand of compressed air, including oil-free air.
The compressed-air map can be used to quantify the cost of compressed air for each application, the possibilities for re-engineering the process, and the potential costs of the re-engineered process.
The difference, he said, is that with the compressed air foam system, compressed air and some percentage of liquid soap from an on-board 40-gallon tank are injected into the system as it leaves the truck and enters the hose.
Compressed air was not being consumed and the horsepower was reduced from 125 to 60 HP.
Columbus, Ohio, developed a new installation method to provide lower labor costs, consistent vibration, less installation variability and additional time savings without being affected by any compressed air systems in the metalcasting facility.
Sullair's new site focuses on the Air Metrix[TM] program, a systems approach to compressed air technology that helps users reduce energy costs and improve productivity by analyzing, managing, and controlling total compressed air systems.
The compressed air is used when the car needs a lot of energy, such as for starting up the car and acceleration," said Cho.
When the current directors and shareholders acquired the company, now called Compressed Air Services, from the receivers, they faced an uphill task to secure its future and the 18 jobs they had saved.
If not corrected, wet, contaminated compressed air causes problems that increase maintenance costs and downtime.
The XpandAir flow controller can improve the efficiency of a compressed air system by up to 60%.
The Finite Filter division of Parker Hannifin, Oxford, MI, has developed a new line of compressed air and gas filters.