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To embrace, cover, or include; to confine within; to consist of.

In the law governing patents—grants of an exclusive right or privilege to make, use, or sell an invention or product for a term of years—the term comprise indicates inclusion rather than limitation. When a patent claim states that a particular product is comprised of certain elements, this means that other elements may also be present.

As used in the devise of land, comprise means to contain or embrace. A plot of land may be comprised of a certain number of acres.


verb aggregate, amount to, be composed of, be formed of, be made of, consist of, constitute, contain, embody, embrace, encapsulate, encompass, hold, include, incorporate, involve, subsume, total
Associated concepts: comprising a cause of action
See also: compose, comprehend, consist, constitute, encompass, include
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10:15 Armenian Agreement Bloc comprised of Deputies Jean Oghassapian, Seboh Kalbakian, and Serge Ter Sarkissian.
7 million for an eight-story hotel comprised of 34,500 s/f, located on 14th Ave.
Abstract: The cleaning composition includes an oil solubilizing amount of a degreaser, comprised of a glycol ether, a rubber solvent comprised of nonaromatic naphtha and a diluent comprised of alcohol.
14:00 Future Bloc comprised of Deputies Saad Hariri, Ahmed Fatfat, Bassem Shab, Badr Wannous, Bahia Hariri, Jamal Jarrah, Amine Wehbe, Khaled Zahraman, Khaled Daher, Fouad Siniora, Ziad Qadiri, Samir Jisr, Atef Majdalani, Ammar Houri, Nohad Mashnouq, Hadi Hbeish, Mohammad Kabbani, Riad Rahhal, Farid Makkary, Mouin Merehbi, Nabil De Freij, Nidal Tohme, Nicolas Ghisn, Ghazi Youssef, Kazem Kheir, Khodr Habib, Mohammad Kabbara, Oqab Saqr, and Assem Araji.
US Patent 8,921,295 B2; American Sterilizer Company, Mentor, OH, has patented a concentrated neutral detergent composition that is comprised of one or more nonionic surfactants, comprising a primary or a secondary alcohol ethoxylate, an alcohol alkoxylate other than said ethoxylate, an aromatic ethoxylate, a modified ethoxylate, or a block polymer of propylene oxide and ethylene oxide, or any combination thereof; one or more hydrotropes comprising an amine oxide, or a glucoside, or both; one or more chelants; a buffer comprising one or more alcohol amines, or one or more organic acids, or any combination thereof; one or more corrosion inhibitors comprising an amine, amidazole, diazole, triazole, carboxylic acid, or any combination thereof; and water.
Omnitech Environmental has been awarded a patent for a vehicle system comprised of by weight relative to the vehicle system, 4%-45% of a first component, the first component comprised of at least one material selected from the group consisting of an acrylic resin solution, a latex dispersion, a urethane solution, a microcrystalline wax solution, and a vegetable oil; 50%-90% of a second component, the second component comprised of at least one material selected from the group consisting of a fumaric resin solution and an acrylic resin emulsion; and 0.
The first layer is substantially comprised of nonwoven fabric and the second layer comprises surface-coated superabsorbent polymer particles in a concentration of at least about 70% by weight of the second layer.
It is comprised of at least one cleansing phase stripe comprising a surfactant an electrolyte comprising an anion selected from the group consisting of phosphate, chloride, sulfate, citrate and mixtures thereof, a cation selected from the group consisting of sodium, ammonium, potassium, magnesium and mixtures thereof, water and a density modifier comprising a low density microsphere; and at least one benefit phase stripe comprising a hydrophobic skin benefit agent.
In July, a portfolio comprised of seven enclosed mid-market malls was sold to Retrocom Mid-Market REIT for $182 million.
has been granted a parent for an article comprised of a body portion or end portion of a food or beverage can comprised of a metal substrate.
It is comprised of a cleansing phase that contains a density modifier, an electrolyte, and a structured surfactant component that provides a total lather volume of at 'east about 600ml, the structured surfactant component comprising at least one surfactant; and, benefit phase that is substantially free of surfactants and substantially anhydrous.