compromise agreement

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iNACOL applauds leaders in the House and Senate for their bipartisanship in reaching a compromise agreement to reauthorize ESEA.
ROME, Sept 23 (KUNA) -- The Italian Foreign Ministry has welcomed the draft compromise agreement reached among Libyan warring parties to pave the way for forming a national government and bringing the years-long civil conflict to a halt.
He further said the IGAD Plus compromise agreement removed the proposed size and composition of the presidential guards for the two leaders and left it to the two parties to determine it in a workshop that will be organized in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in September in implementation of the security arrangements.
Much of the pre-match build-up had focused on whether or not Hock would play having signed a compromise agreement with Salford after leaving them in February.
A compromise agreement has now been reached at a payment of PS23,000 instead.
It should be mentioned here that Lahori was scheduled to be hanged at 6am on January 8; however, his family members rushed to the jail to stay the execution by striking a compromise agreement with the grieved party.
According to the Clarke report, Mr Bains was reluctant to seek a compromise agreement, "preferring to resign because what was happening was scandalous", but his union NASUN W ASUW ASU Tand the council recommended he should sign.
Malema entered into a conditional compromise agreement.
In that email, Mr Burgess acknowledged there had been speculation about a possible compromise agreement entered into by the authority - but insisted the council could make no comment about it for "strong moral and legal reasons" and said he "hopes members will understand".
The council wished that / UNAMI / should have a clear role to reach a compromise agreement, refusing to dig the trench around the city of Kirkuk, which the council described it as bad, considering it as defense line for the Peshmerga and Asiesh forces against an imaginary enemy coming from southwest of Kirkuk.
When approached by individuals who had signed a compromise agreement, the BBC has made it clear we welcomed their input to this review.
Also known as a compromise agreement, this agreement makes an arrangement for the employer to pay the employee a certain amount of money so that the employee will contractually agree not to file any complaints or claims against that company.