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On the other hand, even if a basic judgment is concerned, a CD may be integrity compromising but justified provided that this basic judgment is not a compulsive judgment.
Dorothea recognises her love for Ladislaw and the sexual side of her nature when she comes unexpectedly upon Rosamond and Ladislaw and finds them in a seemingly compromising position.
It enables superior functionality by adding Ethernet and IP over DWDM and Optical Transport Networks (OTN) with full QoS support, without compromising either environment.
By compromising, Clinton also could play to one of the strongest aspects of his character, for his whole approach to politics - indeed, to life - is to smooth over conflict and avoid confrontation.
The possibility of a taxpayer compromising a tax liability is not a new concept.
Island Hopping: Island Hopping involves compromising a home user's computer and pirating a remote access mechanism such as a VPN to infiltrate a corporate network.
Compromising an ISP in order to gain access to customer networks can easily yield large numbers of legitimate credentials.
The combination allows engineers to significantly raise the level of abstraction in design of ASICs and FPGAs while retaining the ability to automatically synthesize high quality RTL, without compromising speed, power or area.
Organizations can experience all the productivity of network connectivity, including the Internet, without compromising the security of segregated, classified or sensitive data.
While compromising on mattress space was also a problem, only three percent considered snuggling with their partner a difficult compromise.