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Actually, some scholars attribute the critical neglect suffered by travel writing to its generic elusiveness (Kowalewski 1992: 8), which has caused The Atlantic Sound to be reviewed not only as a travelogue (Adebayo 2000; Neel 2000), but, less compromisingly, as a non-fiction book (Alibhai-Brown 2000; Childers 2000) or a book-length essay (Ledent 2000).
This leaves Weiner in the odd position of accruing capital to himself by engaging in disfiguring Said, a native of Palestine, whose ancestors were born and lived there for generations before they were evicted in 1948 in such compromisingly subjective language, without the slightest iota of respect for literary truth or objective content.
Kallen earned a doctorate at Harvard under James, and published a book comparing what he depicted as the unflinchingly scientific thought of his mentor with the compromisingly mystical views of the French philosopher Henri Bergson.