compulsory execution

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Compulsory execution may not be effected except by an executive deed for an existing right to a specific amount and matured payment.
Invitation to tender: deliveries of thermal energy through a model contract sales of heat to compulsory execution of works on reconstruction of the heating system and the installation of a new system that uses renewable energy sources as part of the primary school draganici
Glenn Lovell, senior associate, al tamimi law firm in riyadh, explains: "the local police are reluctant to evict people and this law aims to address the situation by having compulsory execution of a judgement or mortgage.
For every country in the study, legislation is described according to a common structure that addresses civil justice, jurisdiction of the courts, introduction of lawsuits and involvement of lawyers, legal expenses and lawyer's fees, dunning process, compulsory execution, insolvency proceedings, receivables management, and additional information.