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The compute grid cannot go down, so the storage grid must provide the highest levels of data protection.
This pre-packaged cPCI bladed compute system, which is bundled with Trillium([R]) protocol software, is an off-the-shelf solution that delivers scalability, flexibility, and risk reduction - and represents a strong alternative for customers needing next-generation capabilities without the requirement of migrating to AdvancedTCA.
Scalable shared data storage, equally accessible by all nodes in the cluster, is an obvious vehicle to provide the requisite data storage and access services to compute cluster clients.
The launch of the ATCA bladed compute system signals Continuous Computing's ongoing market evolution of its ATCA product portfolio and demonstrates the company's "best total solution" approach to telecom network infrastructure.
High performance shared storage architectures capable of effectively serving thousands of compute nodes are further changing the HPC landscape.
First, there must be a way to offload compute-intensive overhead like SSL processing and TCP termination, so it does not bog down the compute resources.
With well over 2,500 clients worldwide, and over a decade of industry experience, Cluster Resources delivers the software products and services that enable an organization to understand, control, and fully optimize their compute resources.

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