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And being in a tolerant and comradely mood (see above) they welcomed him into their ranks.
IN the rough and tumble world of politics, there's always one group that remain friendly, jolly and comradely, and that's the tree-hugging, muesli-knitting Liberal Democrats.
It would be a shame if different notions of community blurred together to loosely connote some important kind of collegial learning and comradely spirit that can occur among teachers.
A previous comparative study on Finnish soldiers' combat motivation in summer 1944 has implied that the importance of comradely ties was highest among the youngest conscripts and tended to decrease among older reservists.
It has been argued, for example, that men's friendships often result in comradely groups--sports clubs, trade unions, scientific collaboration, expeditions, etc.
Ramsay in an indirect and comradely fashion, Lily is able to offer him some attention without giving in to his demands.
1) Does it really ask us to be caught up it in, this unwieldy, comradely, impossibly third-hand poets' pronoun?
This unfailingly tended to remind his readers of his English upbringing, and that was true as well of his soft-spoken but unswerving integrity, his comradely solidarity with his associates, his unfailing warmth toward his students, and his generosity toward other scholars.
There's nothing like the successful resuscitation of a child to push comradely endorphin levels up too.
There are discussions and debates but they are conducted in a comradely way.
It redirects Whitman's "adhesive love" from solely human comradeship to a comradely display that includes Artemisi and white mountain sheep.
Their comradely affection for Mr Simonyi, the chief architect of such programs as Microsoft Word and Excel, was no doubt enhanced by the contents of an aluminium hamper, packed by Ms Stewart, that he had brought with him for Russia's annual celebration of Cosmonaut's Day, which marks the anniversary Yuri Gargarin's first journey into space in 1961.