con game

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If you are the victim of a con game, save others from being victimized by reporting it to the police or sheriff, city or state consumer protection agency, the Better Business Bureau, or district attorney's office.
This wasn't just high finance; this was an elaborate con game.
All along, the council's scheme to put Measure R on the ballot was a naked deceit: a con game that used the League of Women Voters and the L.
From his initial hobby as an online art-trading hobbyist to his entry into a world of fraud and selling fakes which would lead to a federal felony conviction, FAKE: HOW ONE MAN'S CON GAME CREATED AN INTERNATIONAL SCANDAL AND TRIGGERED A NATIONWIDE FBI HUNT tells of a hobby gone wrong and packs in all the detail and excitement of a true adventure read.
For my whole life I've been finding ways that cheaters con people, the psychological subtleties of a con game.
Like Hayek, who had sensed a procession down the "road to serfdom," Rand believed that the only "winner" in such a political con game was "the Bureaucrat.
Thus, the contemporary thrust in justice studies reinforces the idea of an elaborate con game as one variation of WCC.
During the time the patients were supposedly receiving treatment it became obvious that Stakely was running a con game and bilking the Workman's Compensation System.
Blessington somehow manages to make Oswald an object of pity and sympathy, a victim of a con game, told by the others that his act will remove their "footnote" status and ensure their posterity.
Social engineering is a security term used to describe the manipulation of people to get information or system access; the classic con game updated for the Internet age.
The counterfeit First Security cashier's checks have been associated with a different type of con game known as an overpayment scam.