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Published by Conari Press, an imprint of Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC, the book is available in both print and ebook format.
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A "first look" development deal with Conari Press to develop television series projects based on Conari Press books including, "Simple Pleasures" and "The Breakup Repair Kit.
Sponsors & supporters include: BookShop West Portal, Writer's Digest, John Wiley & Sons, Author Solutions, Smashwords, InterContinental Mark Hopkins, Berrett-Koehler, Conari Press, Antrim Group, The Writer, Book Expo America, Joyce Turley, Harvey Pawl, Kevin Smokler, Victoria Hudson, Ellen Taliaferro, MD, Stephanie Chandler, Alan Rinzler, Ann Seymour, ExpertClick.
In Her Footsteps: 101 Remarkable Black Women from the queen of Sheba to Queen Latifah by Annette Madden Conari Press, January 2001, $15.
Entertainment announced today a newly inked "first look" development deal with Conari Press to develop television projects based on Conari books.
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Published by Conari Press; Category: Self-help; Available wherever books are sold.