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37) For Spinoza, the foundation of right cannot be related to man's uniqueness within nature or to his reason; on the contrary, right is defined "by however conatus determines men to act and to strive to preserve themselves," and thus, anything man has the power to do, he has the right to do as well.
Garrett interprets Spinoza's conatus doctrine thusly and contends that when read along these lines, the argument for that doctrine avoids a number of otherwise apparent equivocations.
tendered his resignation as Senior Vice President, Clinical Research and Chief Medical Officer of Conatus Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Another value centers on the concept of conatus by which Spinoza means "the relentless endeavor of each being to preserve itself," (115) and which he considered the human essence.
But their conatus marks and mimics the early stages of a history that was once our own.
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Spinoza's celebrated theory of conatus has links to Hobbes but, as mentioned above, it liberates striving from notions of will and from aim.
For the state, the self-preserving conatus, provides the "universal hermeneutic key.
34) More, 1986b, 279: "Multum providit deus cum omnia institueret communia, multum Christus cum in commune conatus est rursus a privato revocare mortales.
Ad praecipuas diabolicae pravitatis pestes, quibus maxime Satanas Ecclesiam Dei inficere et velut robustioribus machinis subvertere conatus est, venio: Dico autem, Manichaeos, Arianos, Macedonianos, Sabellianos, Donatistas, Pelagianos, omniumque ultimos Nestorianos, et Eutichianos, in Peter the Venerable, PL 189:665.
Spinoza's conatus, along with Platonic dynamis, is traced back to (Jamesian) experience.