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In chapter 5, Klein contrasts concatenate thinkers (Adam Smith, Hayek, and Ronald Coase) to those who focused on cooperation (primarily Carl Menger).
Like the concatenate coordination within the firm, coordination means desirable arrangement or outcome.
MCS uses a matrix concatenate block for concatenation.
In this respect, it is therefore quite different from K-B's concatenate coordination (which, as discussed, has meaning only in the context of the preferences of some central planner, or a fictitious mind, or society-viewed-as-an-organism).
You could also concatenate the ZIP code zero directly in the report.
For example, SDGP(24) = 16242416 because H(24) = 42 = 16, and thus we concatenate 16_24_24_16:
Not only does this create space savings, the VectorStar ME7838D eliminates the need to set up separate broadband and waveguide band systems and concatenate the data from the two configurations, saving time and increasing measurement confidence.
It is that metaphor that K-B want to invoke for the Hayekian understanding of concatenate coordination.
Then, using Excel's concatenate function and the following formula, we can link the two pieces of information and display them in cell C2, which is hyperlinked to the flowchart: =A2&", "&B2.
But such people are unlikely to be moved by our discussion of dovetail and concatenate coordination however it is resolved.