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The nucleotide substitution models used in the analyses were chosen for each partition, individual genes, and for the concatenated data set.
Phylogenetic analysis of concatenated protein sequences from 125 conserved ORFs results in clustering of the Georgia 2007/1 and Mkuzi 1979 isolates with genotype I isolates, although more divergent than other members of this group from West Africa and Europe (Benin 97/1, OURT88/3, BA71V and E75) and other isolates from eastern and southern Africa, including Tengani, 62, Warthog, Warmbaths, and Pretorisuskop 96/4.
However, reverse is not true because, if searching of all query read segments is successful, it only means that all the query read segments appear in the concatenated chromosomal sequence and not necessarily mean that the whole read appeared in the concatenated chromosomal sequence.
The technique provides the SDH network elements at both ends of the signal path with the ability to send and receive individual VC-4s that are associated in a concatenated group.
Disk groups may include mirrored, striped, and concatenated logical volumes for optimized performance and reliability.
Users can choose BPSK or QPSK modulation methods; FEC coding QPSK modulation methods; FEC coding compatibility for Viterbi, sequential and concatenated Reed-Solomon.
The works include the supply and installation of prefabricated buildings consisting of concatenated prefabricated units for temporary housing of the nearby school in Zijpstrt 49 to Hofstade.
JITC also tested advanced service provisioning, including Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) and Sycamore's ability to provision virtually concatenated GigE circuits.
Low order virtually concatenated (VC) traffic which consists of 10/100 Ethernet streams wrapped in GFP, PPP or LAPS is currently the pre-eminent EoS transport protocol.
The concatenated gain profile of 13 amplifiers differs considerably from the small signal gain profile of a single amplifier.
Various combinations of fixed announcements can be concatenated within the EAS.