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D'Artagnan struck the barrels with his hand, and having ascertained that he spoke the truth, pushed his lantern, greatly to the captain's alarm, into the interstices between the barrels, and finding that there was nothing concealed in them:
There was a feeling of dread, neither plainly confessed nor carefully concealed, which caused each to shift the responsibility upon another, till at length it was found expedient to send a deputation of the church, in order to deal with Mr.
As his plighted wife, it should be her privilege to know what the black veil concealed.
Hooper's conscience tortured him for some great crime too horrible to be entirely concealed, or otherwise than so obscurely intimated.
said he; "money, then, is concealed under this tomb?
Kitty's eyes opened in a curious way and gleamed at Anna's name, but controlling herself with an effort, she concealed her emotion and deceived him.
Ay,' says I, 'with all my heart, provided I may be concealed.
On the other side of this hedge, concealed from the eyes of anyone approaching from the direction of the house, there was a stone seat.
And once again, if the thought of leaving a bicycle concealed outside had occurred to you, would it really have seemed worth doing when the dullest detective would naturally say this is an obvious blind, as the bicycle is the first thing which the fugitive needed in order to make his escape.
Yesterday morning he set off for this place on his bicycle, with his gun concealed in his overcoat.
He slipped into the first room that he saw, and concealed himself behind the curtain.
Legally-permitted concealed weapons as self-defence measure has failed to stop the menace of mass shootings