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Concededly, one cannot fault Garrett for focusing on federal judges given CIR's federal provenance: state judges, after all, do not enforce federal law, much less federal criminal law.
Concededly, self-actualization does not have to require literacy or the act of reading, but this largely would be the primary component cited as being school's contribution.
Fraud, of course, is one of the four primary areas of federal enforcement, yet the Supreme Court utterly failed to put Congress' feet to the fire by invalidating the concededly vague section 1346 or to timely articulate rules that apply to a healthy number of these enforcement actions.
Whereas the effects prong allows Congress to regulate intrastate activity bearing a close and substantial relationship to interstate commerce, (83) the "class of activities" test validates regulation of activities that concededly have no impact on interstate commerce on their own.
Concededly, he has been residing in India, all this while.
Wilson observed, "The Latin crosses and Star of David are immediately noticeable to even the most casual passer-by; they appear on the front of Monument 2, and, in contrast to the concededly non-sectarian images that appear on the front of Monument 2--the text, the American flag, and the bald eagle--the sectarian symbols are illuminated in white.
citizens who were concededly members of enemy forces may be detained as
and spokespersons for the faith" concededly occupy a special role
With respect to defendant's further contention that replacement cost is unavailable because plaintiffs did not repair or replace the residence within 180 days--which they concededly did not--we agree with Supreme Court that fact questions exist regarding whether Charles Mason, defendant's claims adjustor, directed plaintiffs to leave the premises and their personal property untouched until further notice and, if so, whether they justifiably relied to their detriment on that purported directive (see Fundamental Portfolio Advisors, Inc.
17) But such contests have largely obscured the theoretical question I seek to examine here: whether concededly hateful or otherwise facially discriminatory government speech (18) that is unaccompanied by the government's traditional exercise of its coercive power violates the Equal Protection Clause.
Concededly, this justification does not mitigate the law's impact on equality or liberty rights.
Concededly, lawmakers have made statements of that sort, and when they do so, they ease a challenger's burden of proof in seeking invalidation of the same-sex marriage ban.