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You know, this kind of conceit shows in almost all the steps London has been taking - not only in this particular case," Lavrov noted.
This exploration in symbolic interactionist social psychology investigates four aspects of self-esteem related to scholarly and political achievement: hubris and conceit on the one hand, and humility and modesty on the other hand.
The book's conceit is that the resulting images resemble faces, revealing the personality of the river in its many moods.
In contrast, the opposite traits of conceit and arrogance were associated with more selfish behaviour.
This is a patently ridiculous conceit, the kind of fantasy writing that gives fantasy writing a bad name," the author of The Satanic Verses said in the article.
Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.
Whether the particular narrative about motherhood has women conscripted into service by capitalism or feminism, what's missing is a coolheaded free market analysis, which would regard women as actors in an arena of choices, without the conceit of top-down management.
The conceit of Boys Briefs 4, a collection of gay short films about hustlers, sounds potentially cheesy.
Nevertheless, the underlying conceit is clever, and should attract readers who want more current folktale material.
This was the conceit that inspired the psihuska, or psychiatric gulag, where "delusional" people who rebelled against the benevolent Soviet state were forcibly "cured" of their "anti-social" attitudes.
Sunshine Has Rain begins by laying the groundwork in describing Channa as an overachiever and someone who has it all, basically to the point of conceit.
This reinvent-the-wheel attitude is a conceit common to all great social and political movements.