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In his Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man, Thomas Reid offers a barrage of objections to the view, held by David Hume, that conceivability implies possibility.
Does Conceivability Entail Metaphysical Possibility?
Of course the possibility of success goes hand-in-hand with the conceivability of failure.
The stark conceivability of the "other" as less-than-human is raised--and encased in sacred memory--to be reviewed daily as holy obligation.
See also supra note 265 (discussing the conceivability of natural law).
There is a series of arguments--the Conceivability Arguments--that try to prove that nothing physical can add up to the smells, tastes, and so forth that comprise our phenomenal experience.
The author argues that there remains an important, popular, and plausible-looking form of conceivability argument that Loar has entirely overlooked.