concentrate the mind

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Obviously you have to concentrate on Wales when you are at a squad camp, but with the Parma game looming large, I have had plenty of other matters to help concentrate the mind.
No-Smoking Day can help concentrate the mind and stiffen the resolve but stopping is said to be harder than kicking a heroin addiction.
Irving has been consistent for decades in these ludicrous denials until recently when he was faced with a jail sentence, which tends to concentrate the mind.
I wrote what I thought was a fairly innocuous piece about how easy it is to creep up above the speed limit on long car journeys and that it might be useful to have the occasional speed limit sign dotted along the way just to concentrate the mind.
First, there's nothing like a little competition to concentrate the mind.
After work during the day a few hours of community would concentrate the mind on the merits of staying within the law.
Doesn't this really concentrate the mind on the obscene state of our society today?
Maybe not, but it doesn't half concentrate the mind.
This should really concentrate the mind in variety choice.
Dunfermline may be a bit of value - they lost only 2-1 at Parkhead on the opening day of the season - but there must be better things to concentrate the mind on this weekend.
He said: "That sort of powerful incentive really does concentrate the mind.
JUST Harlow to concentrate the mind tonight with a six-open card so, before business, how about a tongue-in-cheek (or is it?