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The recently created company, ImageWorks Veterinary, will concentrated upon the animal health imaging market.
Ekundayo, who spoke on aACoeInsurance Growth in West Africa and the Benefits of IntegrationaACA[yen], said areas that must be concentrated upon to achieve integration include collaboration among insurance regulators and the expansion of the operations of WAICA to serve as a strong sub-regional reinsurance company.
The Export Promotion Councils identified certain areas and countries, which in their view, could be concentrated upon for market expansion activities.
He said that at the start of crisis, Hashoo Group concentrated upon immediate relief i.
Owner has concentrated upon the sale of electronic related products.
Previous interpretations of this passage have concentrated upon its relevance to the good human life, including the allowance of true and pure pleasures.
He did but, ultimately, he failed because what he should have concentrated upon was the reductions of world populations, not to increase them.
The research concentrated upon programs in nursing, tourism and information technology delivered by the three following Polish schools: "Krakowska Szkola Medyczna" (Cracow, Poland), "Policealne Studium Zawodowe" (Cracow, Poland), "Cracow School of Information Technology"; and four Canadian community colleges: Red Deer (Red Deer, Alberta), Centennial (Scarborough, Ontario), Durham (Oshawa, Ontario) and Confederation (Thunder Bay, Ontario).