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Thick collagen fibers at injured tendon site were concentrically arranged along with mature fibroblasts.
First, the measuring probe is set to run concentrically, then it is positioned at the center of a known drill hole or special gauge ring.
Plates, platelets, tesserae, and scales with dentine ridges overlying aspidine of middle and lower layers; ridges arranged concentrically on tesserae and longitudinally on scales; ridges with crenulated margins, flat-topped or having longitudinal crest; orbits surrounded by one or more rings of concentrically placed units (plates or tesserae); branchial area covered with small units (i.
They consist of an array of cylinders formed concentrically and separated by 0.
The TriNex grinding system is triple concentrically mounted and enables a higher energy density per liter of grinding chamber volume.
A patented, UDSA-accepted power-cincher flow control valve cinches the bag spout concentrically, allowing dust-free retying of partially empty bags.
6] Multi-walled carbon nanotube: A type of carbon nanotube in which multiple graphene layers are arranged concentrically as a cylinder.
The cuffs incorporate two large medallions, one of each design variant as detailed above, on a solid white concentrically beaded background with a saw-tooth serrated border.
The rough endoplasmic reticulum is well developed, revealing dilated cisternae distributed concentrically (Figures 1H and I).
Immediately above the clamp ring is a Power-Cincher flow control valve employing a series of curved, articulated rods that cinch the bag spout concentrically, allowing dust-free retying and removal of partially empty bags.
Above the connection point is a Power-Cincher pneumatically-actuated flow control valve that cinches the bag spout concentrically, allowing retying of partially empty bags with no dusting.
Erdey (Northern Arizona University) walks through the design of a steel office building originally engineered to the 1994 UBC provisions and redesigned in compliance with the seismic requirements of the 1997 UBC, and the design of a concentrically braced frame structure.