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In patients with NAION, visual field defects were mostly manifested as a concentrically narrowed visual field (12.
This different hypertrophic behavior might be related to the larger tendon overload caused by the eccentric training, given that the conventional strength training load is limited to the maximal load that can be lifted concentrically.
Early radiograph descriptions, however, have reported on a characteristic concentrically lamellated pattern of splenic calcifications in chronic brucellosis, (3) which unfortunately has not been demonstrated after the advent of CT, (1) probably due to the rarity of splenic brucellomas and the much larger trend for an uncharacteristic gross appearance.
The complication for L&FI was the machining and getting all of the gearing to set in place concentrically.
At the time of 6-month follow-up, the patient's hip remained concentrically reduced with no evidence of osteonecrosis on radiographs.
For instance, during concentric elbow flexion, the biceps brachii contracts concentrically, whereas the antagonist muscle, the triceps brachii, contracts mildly eccentrically--to allow movement precision.
Two central groups are concentrically piled, graduated white cylinders surrounded by isolated, more distantly placed beakers.
The antenna is based on an annular ring slot antenna that is shorted concentrically with a set of conductive vias.
The exclusive Integral Gland Wrench concentrically loads the stem packing without tools, eliminating stem leaks and extending packing life.
The muscle is generally stronger working concentrically rather than eccentrically, which is why most hamstring injuries occur during the eccentric phase.
Open Access explores the history, development, and accrued connotations of a distinctive entry configuration comprised of a set of concentrically stepped archivolts surrounding a deliberate tympanum-free portal opening.
pseudolabri Manter, 1954 trematodes related to Decemtestis in which there were 'two ventral suckers', 'one concentrically enclosed within other'.