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FORD MONDEO SHOW CAR: The third vehicle to feature the production execution of Ford's "kinetic" design after the Galaxy and S-Max, the Mondeo takes a number of cues from the losis concept that debuted at the Frankfurt motor show in 2005.
Moreover, the Canadian judiciary, through its "reading into" the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms rights unforeseen by its drafters, has advanced the recreational concept of sex.
Analytical concepts are well known by AFRL personnel and provide the foundation for science, engineering, and economics.
Other concepts include fitting long-range missiles to the company's C- 130J transport, building a new stealthy flying-wing aircraft that could carry 40 bombs, and constructing a glider to be launched from a long-range missile.
First, the researchers noted that the use of the Jigsaw approach combined with advance organizers was effective in improving the self-concepts of students as measured by the Piers-Harris Children's Self Concept Scale.
Though tiffs genre finds its aesthetic traction by simply inflating the scale of a concept until it loses its hold on reason, each artist extends it differently.
For instance, scientists at NASA's Center for Mars Exploration created a Mars concept map.
Creativity Tool- Drawing a concept map can be compared to participating in a brainstorming session.
The representation for the inspection-process concept is formed by stacking the planes in Fig.