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Employing arguments akin to Hegel's analysis of the category of "Being" passing over into "Nothing," "one" into "many," and "Same" into "Other," Harris shows that the attempt to conceptualize Being as univocal leads to the noematic standpoint of atoms and the void, and eventually to the noetic counterpositions of sophism and skepticism.
Consistent with previous research on peer group supervision (Crutchfield & Borders, 1997; Starling & Baker, 2000), the findings in this study offer support for the use of peer group multicultural supervision formats to increase school counselor trainees' abilities to conceptualize cases from a multicultural perspective.
These companies capitalize on the potential leverage of "business pull" as opposed to "technology push" on government demand and the ways in which decision makers conceptualize service delivery.
Counselors need to be prepared to meet this increasing demand by understanding efficacious ways to conceptualize and intervene with older adults.
Many companies are just beginning to conceptualize growth strategies and so we may not see implementation of those plans until the first and second quarters of 2003.