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The apparent pervasiveness of metonymy probably owes to its underlying relatively economical cognitive mechanism in which the conceptualizer operates within the same domain.
If the conceptualizer of the sentence C is viewed as peering out through a viewing frame, the immediate scope is that portion of the world being viewed that is subtended by that frame at any given moment.
As such the speaker as primary conceptualizer is "the person responsible for assessing the likelihood of reality evolving in a certain way".
Lectal categorization would then involve a conceptualizer who correlates a token (stretch of unidentified speech) with a number of idealized speech models (linguistic stereotypes).
to the subjective axis, so that an analogous relationship holds instead between the subjectively-construed conceptualizer and some entity in the original objective scene" (Langacker 1990: 5).
By the book's midpoint, the immensity of his synthesis becomes apparent, as well as Ehret's achievement as a historical conceptualizer.
Man, the sexual conceptualizer and projector, has ruled art because art is his Apollonian response toward and away from woman.
He would have to be a great communicator and campaigner, an adroit politician among politicians, a consummate administrator, a great conceptualizer of policy and a great democratic leader.
role was that of conceptualizer and interpreter of what was going on.
Paul Kurtz, as much as any contemporary thinker, is the conceptualizer of modern secular humanism.
Undersecretary of Education Marshall Smith, who was a key conceptualizer of systemic reform [see Smith and O'Day, "Systemic School Reform"; Jennifer O'Day and Marshall S.
From being a Romantic to a young Marxist conceptualizer of the self as agent, Sartre emerges as an enormously important synthesizer of idealist and materialist notions of the person.