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Discernment by the Church concerning the suitability of candidates
Students' Perceptions and Issues Concerning Sexuality.
Although sixth grade students at times may exhibit adolescent characteristics, it seems important to remember that these students need an "elementary" orientation concerning rules and procedures.
Concerning family camp, half the respondents reported they offer or are planning to offer family camp.
Only limited details concerning allegations concerning the connection between the BNL case and the CCC program to Iraq were known at the time that the NAC was considering the proposal for additional export credit sales guarantees to Iraq.
Analyses of company hiring practices concerning psychiatrically handicapped exist but they are few and far between (10).
This report would provide taxpayers with valuable insight concerning how the IRS administers the transfer pricing provisions of the Code, as well as the administration of the APA program itself.
Many parental questions refer to educational and social situations; therefore, rehabilitational teams are confronted with various questions beyond the actual medical ones, questions concerning very young children (sorbye, 1972, 1978, 1980).
At some point `tomorrow must be today' concerning management and the board's promises to restore shareholder value," said Galloway.
Her ideas concerning the role of religion in the shaping of consciousness draw eclectically upon the findings of symbolic anthropologists and cultural theorists.
Lastly, in the near future, taxpayers should see greater open-mindedness on the part of auditors with respect to discussions concerning audits.
1984) revealed that counselors believe talking with family members concerning rehabilitation service problems and evaluating family interest and involvement in the rehabilitation process, represents a minimal part of their job.

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