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Among piano trios, for example, we might mention the Prague Trio or the Bohemia Trio, and among the younger generation the remarkable Trio Concertino or ArteMiss Trio, as well as trios consisting of another instruments such as the Belle Epoque with flute, cello and piano.
Schulhoff -- Concertino, Divertissement, Bassnachtigal, Symphonia germanica, Sonata erotica (Pavel Foltyn, Pavel Perina, Emanuel Kumpera, Novak Trio, Lubos Fait, Ivan Kusnjer, Tomas Visek, Diana Stone)
Significantly, many original Roman sources in score format (including the Corelli auto-graph manuscript already mentioned) notate the violin parts adjacently as violin I (concertino), violin I (concerto grosso), violin II (concertino), and violin II (concerto grosso), as if to suggest--absolutely appropriately, on the basis of the musical evidence--that the primary relationship of a concertino first violin is to its concerto grosso counterpart, not to its colleagues within the concertino.
The first is the Herscher-Clement concertino mentioned above.
Aside from an 18th century sonata by Francois Devienne and a 19th century concertino by Franz Suchanek, Vacchi's program consists of 20th century works.
Sextuor, for example, was composed for three saxophones, piston, trumpet and trombone, Dva koncertni tance [Two Concert Dances] was for piccolo, piston, saxophone and drum set, while opus 45 was a Concertino for drums and piano.
In 1988, Williams composed another work for viola and piano--Taccata, Romance and Miniature Variations--which he later orchestrated and retitled Concertino for Viola and Strings; this twelve-minute concert work has been performed frequently and is widely appreciated by audiences.
In a not particularly generous hour's-worth of listening (with some gaps between tracks which are indeed generous) covering works written during nearly half a century (1936 to1982) we are offered the Sonatina for Violin and Piano, the especially lovely Andantino for Cello and Piano, the Three Pieces for Clarinet Solo, the Mazurka for Piano, the Duo for Cello and Piano, and the Concertino for Flute, Violin, Cello and Piano, all played with thoughtful projection.
Corelli's concerto grosso is one of a dozen that he composed before 1710; it employs a concertino group of three soloists, two violins and a cello.
His most important awards in competitions include 2nd Prize in the international Concertino Praga competition (1995) and 1st Prize in the 7th International Oboe Competition of Tokyo (2003).
With the substantial bonuses - Alec Rowley's endearing D major Concerto of 1938 and a quirky, very persuasive Concertino in C by the virtually unknown Christian Darnton (1905-1981, so are we due for a centenary rediscovery?
His first major success was the 2nd Prize in the 1994 Concertino Praga International Competition for Young Musicians, which was followed by 3rd Prize in the Piano Competition of the Bohuslav Martinu Foundation in Prague (1996), victory in the 4th year of the Frederic Chopin International Piano Competition in Marianske Lazne (1997), a special prize at the 46th year of the Marie Canals International Music Competition in Barcelona (2000), 1st Prize in the G.