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Marius, despite his overall assessment, captures More's rhetorical strategy when he observes how the merry tales enact "the ancient rhetorical principle of concessio, a concession that parries a blow and robs an attack of its force.
Far more obtrusive is Sidney's deployment of schematic figures, such as climax in the first four lines of the opening poem, or the oxymoron of the second line, or the more extended figures of reasoning such as paromologia or concessio in sonnet 5.
CONSELL de L'audiovisual de Catalunya: Informe sobre el proces d'adjudicacio de la concessio del servei public de televisio digital local (expedient 11/A/2006), Barcelona, 21 jun.
For the first time, this race also included a hobie, Kool4Kats crewed by Douglas Hansen-Luke and Alistair Concessio, racing together with the cruisers on club handicap.
The band made a rare concessio re-recorded their next single, Annie Not Wait, in the hope of getting mo exposure.
The Coliseum Association, which operates the concessions, will spend $200,000 on 15 new ovens and other improvements to concessio ext season.
Execratio, concessio, dubitatio are the rhetorical procedures that Vico adopts when facing contrary opinion.
Now they have lodged an appeal in a bid to get full disclosure of the secret concessio n agreement.
Later, Navy officers were vague about where the ship would go on this deployment, prompting speculation that the Rohani Administration didn't want the Navy making a provocative visit off the US East Coast just when it is trying to win concessios from the Americans in the nuclear talks.