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It is probably that du Bousquier felt himself obliged to make certain concessions which obtained for him the respect of Rose-Marie-Victoire; for Catholic virtue does not require a dissimulation as complete as that of Madame du Bousquier.
Well, Adam," he said, in a tone of friendly concession, "you're perhaps right.
This distinction was rather a gratuitous concession made by the poorer and less polished part of the population than a right claimed by the favored few.
As I am now, I have no influence, I can do nothing: I have offended them, and they will not hear me; but when I have put them in good-humour by this concession, I am not without hopes of persuading them to confine the representation within a much smaller circle than they are now in the high road for.
Raoul was startled, but suddenly: "You are very kind, monsieur," said he, "and your concession excites my warmest gratitude, but I will not accept it.
Since the above was written, the question of dominion over the vast territory beyond the Rocky Mountains, which for a time threatened to disturb the peaceful relations with our transatlantic kindred, has been finally settled in a spirit of mutual concession, and the venerable projector whose early enterprise forms the subject of this work had the satisfaction of knowing, ere his eyes closed upon the world, that the flag of his country again waved over "ASTORIA.
Valentin made a bow which must have seemed to Mademoiselle Noemie quite in harmony with the impressiveness of his title, but the graceful brevity of her own response made no concession to underbred surprise.
She had missed it and she was willing to make a concession to bring it back.
We have little patience with those liberal clergy who dwell on nothing else than the difficulties of faith and the propriety of concession to the opposite force.
Monty and I clubbed together and bought presents for his Majesty, the boss here, and Monty wrote out this little document - sort of concession to us to sink mines and work them, you see.
Her hair, black but plentifully shot with grey, was brushed plainly back from her high forehead, and was gathered under a small round felt hat, like that of a man, with one sprig of feather in the band as a concession to her sex.
seemed to have made his reply as a mere concession to politeness, while he was thinking of something else which really interested him.