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He subsequently accepted the difficult post of director of a division (in which his great acquirements were not less useful than the truly French affability of his manners) for the express purpose of conciliating the serious interests that arise under its administration.
Fyne's peremptory manner--for she did not think of conciliating him then.
You didn't intrust him to me, by-the-by,' I grumbled, 'though I had the honour of a much longer acquaintance; but Miss Millward has the art of conciliating and amusing children,' I carelessly added, 'if she is good for nothing else.
Sir Joseph invariably used this formula as a means of at once conciliating his sister, and getting a fresh start for his story.
Yet his manners are so conciliating and gentle that the sailors are all interested in him, although they have had very little communication with him.
Half his power lay in a conciliating trick of sinking the commander in the leader.
Captain Giles explained in a conciliating tone that it had been only a friendly remark in refer- ence to my abrupt leaving the ship for no apparent reason.
he began in a conciliating voice which got steady after the first trembling word or two.
The old man turned towards her, with a look of kindness and interest, that was even more conciliating than the ordinary, upright, and benevolent expression of his weather-beaten countenance.
If John Barnacle,' said Mrs Gowan, after the degeneracy of the times had been fully ascertained, 'if John Barnacle had but abandoned his most unfortunate idea of conciliating the mob, all would have been well, and I think the country would have been preserved.
But as he was quite a creature of Mr Quilp's and had a thousand reasons for conciliating his good opinion, he tried to smile, and nodded his acquiescence with the best grace he could assume.
The skills and experience of Acas staff in conciliating between parties has contributed greatly towards ensuring that the number of cases reaching tribunals has stayed so low.