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But he first procures himself a hearing by conciliatory words.
Yes, there DO exist special reasons for his doing so," assented De Griers in a conciliatory tone, yet with rising anger.
And she turned round towards Mademoiselle de la Valliere, whom she would by main force have dragged away from Montalais, and who, instead of obeying the impulse of Madame de Saint-Remy, looked first at her mother and then at Montalais with her beautiful conciliatory eyes.
Kim used the thoughtful, conciliatory tone of those who wish to draw confidences.
Welland had explained, with a conciliatory side-glance at her future son-in-law.
I hope it is not unkind in me to say that she certainly did make, in this as in everything else, a show that was not conciliatory of doing charity by wholesale and of dealing in it to a large extent.
The possibility of some conciliatory message from the general occurred to her as his daughter appeared.
For Tahiti is smiling and friendly; it is like a lovely woman graciously prodigal of her charm and beauty; and nothing can be more conciliatory than the entrance into the harbour at Papeete.
Henry Sweet, then a young man, lacked their sweetness of character: he was about as conciliatory to conventional mortals as Ibsen or Samuel Butler.
But I'm inclined to agree with you; we ought to try to be more conciliatory.
To her they seemed to indicate nothing but bestial rage while to Tarzan of the Apes they were conciliatory and reassuring in the extreme.
Unhesitatingly, he stepped into the tangle of branches close to the panther's side, still voicing his friendly and conciliatory purr.