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It contains a concise treatment of the religious Zionist understanding of messianism, and Seeskin finds a certain tension between this and the universalist Maimonidean conception.
The result is a concise treatment of what could become a murky quagmire of political allegiances.
It is up to us how we utilize this time to help them to develop concise treatment plans, deliver well-informed diagnostic assistance to our dentists, and care for our patients in the best way that we possibly can.
Goosen's volume is a commendably clear and concise treatment of the religious phenomenon variously and imprecisely termed "hybridity," "syncretism," "hyphenated religious identity," "multiple belonging," or "dual belonging.
The authors stimulating and concise treatment of this global issue alone makes the book worth having.
The public sector's role in Berkeley's urbanization receives concise treatment, including the development of its water system, the origins of nation's first publicly owned park agency, and the mixed legacy of Berkeley's strict zoning regulations.
Taylor and author of a number of books and articles, especially on the Civil War, has written an informative and lively biography, a concise treatment of his well-regarded, full-length biography of Semmes.
The result is a concise treatment that is comprehensive without being intimidating.
Robert Schramm's (2006) Educate Toward Recovery: Turning the Tables on Autism is a very well written, clear and concise treatment of up-to-date ABA approaches for teaching children with autism.
Anyone looking for a clear, concise treatment of Catholic teaching on violence and non-violence should pick up Thomas Massaro, S.
The exception to this statement is Charles Barber's concise treatment of the trial of Symeon the New Theologian; despite its lack of illustration, for reasons related to the trial itself, it considers in an original way a specific social and political context of icon veneration.
Eric Roseberry's essay on the Concertos and early orchestral scores is equally welcome as a solid, concise treatment of a neglected aspect of Britten's work.